Volgarino is an Italian manufacturer of agricultural implements. The company was founded in 1954 and is placed on the market as a strong point of reference for all stakeholders.
Volgarino engineers are carefully selecting the right materials and constantly researching new technologies. The whole after sales support team follows up machines in operation and consults with clients in order to find the best solutions.
Big advantage of Volgarino is huge experience and professional attitude towards clients.

Production range

Mini subsoil ploughs

Mini subsoil ploughs are implements designed for manufacturers who have tractors with smaller horse powers. Mini subsoil ploughs are available in 6 different models (RMV) with 5 to 15 anchors, with the height of 70 cm and a working depth which varies from 40 cm to 45 cm. Each mini subsoil plough is secured with traditional system for overload protection – safety bolt. Mini subsoil plough can be equipped with a rear roller, both manual and hydraulic adjustable (depending on equipment). Models with working width exceeding 250 cm are equipped with hydraulic cylinders for folding the side wings into transport position.

Subsoil ploughs

Volgarino subsoil ploughs (RP models) are indestructible implements designed for breaking plow sole in very difficult conditions and hard ground, thus providing humidity diffusion through the soil and increasing water capacity of the soil. RP subsoil ploughs are prime product of Volgarino Company and can be divided into three groups:

- RPL version for light working conditions (5,7 and 9 anchors)
- RPM version for medium working conditions (5 and 7 anchors)
- RPP version for heavy working conditions (5,7 and 9 anchors)

Depending on the model, recommended tractor power goes from 90 to 350 hp and a maximum depth of 50 to 70 cm, for all types of soil. All models can be equipped with two rollers, which function as "harrow", so right after the groove is formed, they are closing it; that way, in one pass, two operations are performed. Working depth can be set by means of a wheel.
Anchor heights are from 70 cm to 90 cm, with the working width from 2200 mm to 4300 mm, depending on model. Anchors can be equipped with the flaps in order to mix the soil and side plates that prevents soil scattering.

Hydro-pneumatic subsoil ploughs

Hydro-pneumatic subsoil ploughs (RPI) are implements designed for heavy working conditions, heavy soil and soil with stones. This type is equipped with special hydro-pneumatic system which gives the overload protection. System works in a way that when working body meets an obstacle, “accumulator” accepts the excess oil from hydro cylinder and after obstacle is passed, the same oil is returned back to the hydro cylinder, which means that the working body is back to the operating position. This system prevents breakage due to the overload and increases the efficiency, because it is not necessary to leave the tractor and change the security screw.
Working depth of the hydro-pneumatic subsoil plough depends on the model and varies from 50 cm to 70 cm. The free height from the ground is 70 cm to 90 cm, and depending on the model, working width goes from 2200 mm to 4300 mm. Every model over 2500 mm has the possibility of hydraulic closing and putting in transport position.

Cambridge rollers

Frame of the Cambridge roller is simple, robust and functional. Placing the roller into working mode is done hydraulically. Due to the pendulum system mounted on Cambridge rollers, distribution of the rollers weight on the soil is uniform.
VGT models can be equipped with two types of rollers:

- Cambridge rollers made of cast iron with diameter from 480 mm to 620 mm
- Smooth rollers made of plates with thickness of 12,5 mm and diameter 550 mm

Both versions can have the width from 4,3 m to 8,3 m and have the possibility of folding into transport position with the width of 2,5 m.
Additional equipment for the rollers: harrow installed on the rear side of the rollers, transport light and parking brake, etc.

 Fixed tiller

Vibro-cultivator with lightweight construction


Vibro-cultivator of VP series is the ideal machine for preparation of the sowing beds with working widths from 3000 mm to 7000 mm, which depends on the model. Due to the hydro system, transport width goes from 2500 mm to 2900 mm. Anchors are distributed in 4 rows with distances of 30 cm to 75 cm. Dimensions of the anchors are 32x10 to 32x12.
The machine can be equipped with many accessories, of which:

- cage rollers, perfect for breaking the clods during the spring soil preparation
- harrow with elastic fingers (teeth) of 10 mm thickness
- wheels for working depth regulation
- the grader blade for leveling uneven areas before the passing of the teeth (the grader blade is located on the front side of the machine)

Vibro-cultivator VPN

Vibro-cultivator of VPN series is innovative product of the Volgarino Company, representing the result of decades of experience and cooperation with customers in order to improve soil tillage. Dimensions of the anchors on vibro-cultivator VPN are 45 x12 cm, made of high-quality materials. Their geometry and position on the vibro-cultivator ensure quality soil tillage and at the same time avoid bouncing while operating. Distribution of anchors in four rows with equal spacing ensures quality soil cleaning without the risk of congestion when working on rocky or weedy soil. Ploughshare mounted on the anchor with working width of 175 mm can also be changed with reverse ploughshare with working width of 65 mm for heavy-duty conditions. Working width of vibro-cultivator VPN goes from 3000 mm to 7000 mm, but due to the hydro-system, transport position can be 2500 mm or 2900 mm.
Vibro-cultivator N can be equipped with many accessories, of which:

- wheels for working depth regulation with dimensions 6.00/9
- cage rollers or harrow with elastic fingers (teeth)
- the grader blade for leveling uneven areas mounted on the front side of the machine


Vibroflex of VF series is mostly used for plowing grass (weeds), straw and other crop residues. The number of anchors, arranged in three rows, varies from 13 to 25, depending on the model. It is equipped with hydraulic system for closing the side sections into transport position with maximum wideness of 1750 mm. Working width goes from 3300 mm to 5400 mm.
Vibroflex can be equipped with “harrow with elastic fingers”, comb type, with the distance between the fingers of 14 mm. Harrow is a parallelogram assembled to the machine and thus ensures good field copying. Besides the harrow, Vibroflex can also be equipped with the cage roller for crushing the lumps and leveling the soil, but it also can have the role of depth regulator, the same as wheel. This machine can also be supplied with anchor of VFM type, which gives additional 10 cm in height and guarantees bigger depth in planting straw and stubbles.
Both types of anchors can be equipped with ploughshare of 260 mm (“duck foot” type) and reverse ploughshare of 65 mm, for heavy conditions.


Vibrotiller is a new Volgarino product from VTL series and is designed for tractors with bigger horsepowers. It is used for different types of soil: light, heavy, stony, but it is also suitable for fine soil preparation thanks to the cage roller.
Working width goes from 3700 mm to 5500 mm and transport width varies from 2300 mm to 5500 mm. Anchors mounted on the machine provide high-quality and smooth operation on different terrains, due to its shape and dimension 30x30. They are placed in three rows on support which reduces oscillations and thus extends working lifetime of the machine. The mentioned method of anchor setting provides even more height (clearance) and thus easier operation on heavier soil (with bumps). Anchors can be equipped with ploughshares, which need to be replaced after usage, or with reverse ploughshares with dimensions of 65x8. Besides cage roller, which plays an important role in soil preparation and crushing the lumps, Vibrotiller can also be equipped with harrow with elastic fingers with distance of 14 mm, as well as the wheel for working depth regulation, etc.

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