mxMX is a company that exists on the market since 1951 and became one of the top manufacturers of fitting devices which can be adapted to different types of working machines i.e. tractors. Due to aggressive innovation policy as well as dedication to the clients, they succeeded to fit out over 5000 models of tractors, from the oldest to the most modern ones. As an example, we should mention that every week, innovative MX team study two new tractors, designing a bracket for them, along with a front linkage and a control system.  




Technic loaders – meets the toughest, most demanding, handling jobs. It is designed for tractors with 45 to 230 hp.
Utility loaders – economical solution that perfectly meets everyday handling requirements. It is designed for tractors with 45 to 150 hp.  




cimopactCompact loaders – used for decoration and embellishment of areas, whether you are professional or private land owner. Suitable for tractors with smaller horse powers – from 15 to 65hp.
Fruit loaders - designed for orchards and vineyards, as well as the other jobs that require work in conditions with insufficient space for the manipulation.  




municipalityMunicipality loaders – this group of loaders also includes all the previous types, because it's design and technical solution allows them to be designated for public works organized by local government, community, etc.  





front Front linkages
MX offers wide range of front linkages for tractors 25 to 250 hp. One of the numerous advantages of MX front linkage is the ability to fit a front linkage and front loader on the same tractor, which results in a modern, cost effective tractor unit that is working to its full potential.
Front power take-off (PTO) 
PTO units are specifically developed to perfectly integrate with MX front linkages. Thanks to the multi-disc oil immersed clutch and optimum performance, MX PTO unit has proven to be excellent in extreme conditions. It is suitable for tractors with 70 to 200 hp.

Additional equipment 

PCH system

mx PCH is hydraulic leveling system that uses hydraulic compensating rams rather than mechanical leveling bars.

-considerably increases working visibility
-provides good performance while loading and unloading when certain angles of rotation are required
-35% increase in lift power
-low maintenance costs compared to mechanical leveling system

Fitlock II

FITLOCK II is the system that provides automatic hitching of front loader with console.
FITLOCK II is the easiest and fastest loader hitching system in comparison to the competition.

- easy hitching in various conditions; two guide ramps on the bracket headstock compensate for any misalignment and guarantee easy hitching in all situations
- operator can easily approach the system and adjust it for unloading
- extra safe - locking indicator visible from both outside and inside the tractor cab, giving clear information of locking status


Flexpilot (innovative, precise and reliable)

FLEXIPILOT is independent spool valve actuated by a low pressure hydraulic circuit connected to a multi-function control lever.

- easy control that enables smooth and precise loader control
- no wearing parts for minimum maintenance and long durability
- great reliability due to the using proven technology already used in heavy duty conditions

Patented by MX, the concept of single and double action allows optimum use of the tractors hydraulic system depending on the working conditions.
Controlling the loader becomes instinctive – the operator can feel the pressure on the ground through the force on the loader's control lever and that way can protect the machine from excessive wear or even breakage.


MACH system

machThe MACH system offers simple and safe connection of all hydraulic and electric lines. This system avoids any possible contamination of the hydraulic circuit and totally eliminates any connection errors.

- quick and easy connection in one single action
- clean and safe operating

Shock eliminator

Shock eliminator is a shock absorber that improves the users comfort on a rough terrain and also provides longer durability of the tractor and the front loader on it.

- comfortable drive
- no jolting when loader is lowered
- optional electronic shut-off available



FAST LOCK system allows automatic hitching and unhitching of implements without leaving your tractor seat! Advantage of fast-lock system is especially noticeable when frequent implement changes are required.


Implements for loaders and telescopics


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