Austrian company Kirchner exists on the market more that 66 years and its core business is production of machinery and equipment for agriculture and communal. The main advantage of this company is long-standing presence on the market and long-term experience implemented in their products.

Production of this company is located at two sites:

- On a production area from 25000 m2 manure spreaders, slurry tankers, silage trailer, grain trailer and shredders are manufactured in the major-plant "Anzenhof".
- In the plant "Neumarkt", which takes place on a surface from 10000 m2, all further machines as liquid manure mixers or gravel spreaders are produced.

Kirchner meets the special requirements of customers and over 80% of all parts and components are produced in the factory. For their design and construction Kirchner uses state of the art techniques!

Production range:

Manure spreaders prikolica

For mountainous regions Kirchner designed small capacity manure spreaders that have low clearance because of the necessary stability. To this we can also add manure spreaders with special dimensions for vineyards, as well as standard, single-axle spreaders with capacity from 4 000 kg to 7 000 kg..

Spreaders with tandem axle have the capacity from 7 000 kg to 8 000 kg. On the rear side of the machine are four vertical rotors with knives that evenly scatter the manure on the surface.

Manure spreaders for hard operating conditions and heavy duty use.stajnjak

Professional spreaders have the capacity from 15 000 kg to 24 000 kg. Besides construction with timber flooring, every professional spreader can be delivered with a "Dump-body" - side-boards and metal flooring welded together!

All manure spreaders can also be supplied with galvanized side boards.




mineralno djubrivoKirchner is manufacturing fertilizers over 40 years. They are tractor trailed with two types of spreading devices – spreading discs and spreading auger for accurate dispersion of mineral fertilizers when it is windy. Distribution of the fertilizer to the disc or spreading auger is made by rubber band conveyor. Capacity of the receiving tank can be 3 000 l, 4 000 l and 6000 l.

Slurry tankers

All slurry tankers can be delivered with 3 types of pumps:

- vacuum-pump
- worm type pump
- vacuum-centrifugal pump

Kirchner manufactures two types of tankers: galvanized and PVC tankers. All tanks are produced in the own work Anzenhof, outside and inside hot galvanized and protected with a colorless coating outside.

Capacities of the single axle tankers are from 2 000 l to 10 600 l and they have tires of large diameter in order to reduce the pressure on the soil.  

 Tandem-axle tankers have the capacities from 6 000 l to 19 000 l.

PVC tankers can be tandem- or tridem- axle with the capacity from 15 000 l to 27 000 l. The newest models of this product group are PVC tankers with: 

- single-axle with capacity of 9 000 l and 10 000 l and
- tandem-axle with capacity of 12 500 l and 14 000 l.


Tankers can be equipped with different appliances for spreading of liquid manure:  

- universal spreading nozzle
- hydraulic manure gun
- spreading deflector with telescoping tube
- - Spreading device for manure spreading directly to the soil surface by means of tube distributors. Due to the tubes, which are in a way “dragging on the ground”, air pollution is reduced to the minimum, as well as the loss of nitrogen, which is the great advantage of this system. Working range is from 6 m to 30 m.
- valves

aplikacije za cisterne

Equipment for manure treatment (mixers, pumps, separators)

Mixers, pumps and separators are used for manure treatment.
There are 3 groups of mixers:

- electrical or p.t.o driven mixers with agitator pipe up to 7 m
- electrical driven mixers that are mounted on the side of slurry pit
- mixers that are inserted in the manhole


Slurry pumps are electrical or p.t.o driven, equipped with cutting device for chopping large fractions and straw remains in liquid manure.

- PTS pumps for the installation in liquid manure pits in connecting with a winch or with travelling-gear and cable winch.
- PTH liquid manure pump is used mainly where long lines or large differences in height must be overcome. The drive is made by the tractor p.t.o.
- PTS 40 pumps can be used for smaller quantities.

Slurry separators separator

The slurry separation gives considerable benefits from both the separated solid and liquid fraction. Solid fraction is easy for transport and storage and do not cause smelling nuisance like when with liquid fraction. Regardless of the fact that it went through the separator, both solid and liquid phase of manure can be used for production of quality fertilizer. Liquid fraction has 20-30% less volume and therefore rapidly penetrates the ground when spread.
Separator capacities are from 4 m²/h to 56 m²/h.


Silage trailers

Kirchner silage-trailers were developed by using the approved technology of the professional manure spreaders. The trailer-frameworks are therefore executed very robustly, which leads to a high stability and driving safety of the machine. This quality trailers have numerous systems that enable easier operation, such as:

- rotors on the rear side for even distribution of the mass,
- rotors on the rear side for even distribution of the mass,
- hydraulic tailgate can be opened completely which releases rear side of the trailer,
- hydraulic drawbar suspension that provides stability and smooth transport of the trailer,
- windows on the front side of the trailer offers a good view on cargo unloading.

Grain trailers

Kirchner grain trailers are suitable for grain, rape, corn, seed, as well as all trickling capable fertilizer types.
Grain trailers are offered as:

- Single-axle version with a loading volume of 21 m³
- Tandem version with capacity of 25 m³, and with extended sides, capacity can go up to 28 m³
- Tridem version with capacity of 32 m³ is the newest model of Kirchner grain trailers.


Kirchner produces several types of shredders of which should be pointed out:

- Shredders with working width from 90 to 180 cm for light working conditions
- Shredders with working width from 160 to 300 cm for heavy working conditions
- Professional shredders were developed particularly for high operating speeds with robust constructions and working width from 250 cm to 300 cm
- Bank shredders with working width from 140 to 200 cm which have hydraulically adjustable operating angle that makes an optimal adjustment to the area.


More information on Kirchner website

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