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Genie Industries was founded in 1966 when Bud Bushnell bought the manufacturing rights to a material lift that operated on compressed air. Customers seemed to be impressed with the “magic in the bottle” that was used to raise and lower the hoist, and hence the “Genie” name was born.
By the early 2000s, due to the economic downturn, the company decided to seek a partner that held the same values. Terex Corporation, with a history of acquiring equipment manufacturers worldwide proved a good match for the business. In 2002, Genie Industries was sold and became a part of Terex.

Rising Above Expectations

When you choose Genie® products, you get more than equipment designed for reliability, easy operation, convenient service and uncompromising safety. You also get tailored service and support from a team that understands your challenges and makes your business better.
You can buy a range of machines to lift, move and place materials, or you can save money with one highly advanced multi-purpose tool — the Genie® telehandler. With outstanding design and performance, Genie®telehandlers provide all-around utility to answer all your work site needs. Available in fifteen power-packed models, Genie® telehandlers offer exactly what you need for productivity in limited access areas or applications where a high reach is needed. With a wide range of attachments, Genie® telehandlers have you covered for every job.


kompaktni telehendleri Compact telehandlers - with the lift capacity of 2,500 kg to 3,000 kg and lifting height from 5.79 m to 6.90 m Genie compact telehandlers are the perfect choice for tasks both large and small. Easy to maneuver and convenient to service, with the absolute comfort for the operator in the spacious cab with multifunction joystick control, with a variety of rugged attachments with Genie Quick-Attach system and simple, no-tool access to daily inspection points and interchangeable, common components, Genie compact telehandlers meet the needs of most farming, construction, masonry, landscape and industrial applications.



kompaktni telehendler  The infinitely variable hydrostatic transmission, four-wheel drive and four-wheel steer let Genie compact telehandlers operate on almost any worksite. Three steering modes, including front wheel, coordinated and crab steer, provide a tight turning radius for increased mobility. Compact footprint and low stowed height — easy to transport and maneuver (tight turning radius) the GTH-2506 and GTH-3007 cabs respectively measure 1.81 m to 1.99 m wide and 1.92 m to 2.07 m high, so you can easily work inside the buildings that no other telehandler can go.



High reach telehandlers - Genie high reach telehandlers offer excellent lift capacity, easily covering all your worksite needs, in construction, landscaping and agriculture). Available in two models in Standard Fixed and two models in Elite Fixed, these telehandlers offer excellent productivity on jobsites ranging from new construction of multi-story buildings to masonry. Powerful features such as four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and a turbocharged diesel engine provide reliable performance in the most rugged conditions. Genie® 4,000 kg capacity high reach rough terrain telehandlers offer you lifting heights of 12.99 m to 17.19 m.

ex elite fixed The SX (Standard FiXed) models(GTH-4013 SX GTH-4017 SX) are simple, reliable and cost effective, but very powerful and have a high towing force. It enables the machines to combine a high climbing capacity with a fast travel speed. The differential lock of the axle increases wheel traction for maximum efficiency on muddy or uneven terrain. SX telehandlers are perfect for loading, unloading, moving and placing loads or materials, preparing a worksite.
Genie® 4,000 kg capacity high reach rough terrain telehandlers have the reach and performance capabilities for demanding jobs.


elite fixed The EX (Elite FiXed) models (GTH-4013 EX GTH-4017 EX) offer you lifting heights of 12.99 m to 16.72 m, while a spacious cab and responsive controls enhance operator comfort. Superior handling capacity, precise positioning and a wide range of attachments available on all models increase the productivity . The load status device provides all the information necessary during lifting (forward reach, load lifted, boom extension, maximum capacity).
All models are equipped with automatic lockout of boom extension and lowering, and an overload pre-warning.
The front stabilisers have a wide spread for increased stability. They enable precise positioning of the machine even on rough terrain. EX models are equipped with a rear axle self locking device for improved stability when the load is raised at maximum height. Chassis leveling on the front axle (+/- 6° or +/- 8°) allows you to work on challenging sloped jobsites. The closed circuit hydrostatic transmission gives the operator an advantage of continuous, precise speed control and smooth, exact positioning. It also provides progressive braking as soon as the operator’s foot is lifted from the accelerator.

sr rotirajuci Genie® 4,000 kg capacity rotating rough terrain telehandlers have the reach and performance capabilities for challenging jobs.
These SR (Standard Rotating)
models (GTH-4016 SR and GTH-4018) offer you lifting heights up to 17.54 m, while a spacious cab, control system and responsive controls enhance operator comfort. The SR models are easy to operate, simple to maintain, reliable and cost effective which makes them a perfect choice for your rental yard. They are ideal for rough dirty tasks where high lifting capacity and outreach is required. The SR models provide excellent lifting capacity and great horizontal reach, even without deploying stabilisers, so you can easily move substantial loads like steel, masonry and bricks across the worksite. With a maximum forward reach of 15.53 m you can easily lift over obstacles.

gth 5022 Genie® 6,000 kg Elite Rotating, model with lifting heights of 24,84 m is a powerful machine and a perfect choice for extreme tasks and large construction sites. The ER model (GTH-6025) offers advanced technology and the best performance to maximise your efficiency on a work site. A wide range of available attachments makes the ER model highly versatile, enabling you to perform multiple tasks with just one machine. Genie® GTH™-5022 R is a rugged machine that offers excellent lift capacity of 5,000 kg and maximum lifting height of 21.93 m, with the advantages of the turret rotation. This model has a great lifting capacity when working with or without stabilisers.


Telehandlers Attachments
Genie offers a wide selection of telehandler attachments for improved efficiency and added job flexibility. With the addition of Genie approved third party attachments, a single machine can handle even more tasks. We can offer lifting attachments (jibs, hoists and plate hooks), various shovels and buckets, platforms, etc.  

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Traccess: the best solution for arborists, maintenance techicians, electrical contractors and the rental industry.Easy to operate, very compact and flexible: the ideal means for working in both open air and closed environments. 

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