Bag Budissa Agroservice GmbH is a Saxon agricultural company specialized in the production of ensilage machines and accessories. Budissa bag is a member of Budissa Group which farms approximately 9500 ha of agricultural land and keeps about 5500 cattle and 6000 pigs. Budissa bag presents new, efficient, flexible and enviromentaly compatible technology which can conserve and store various kinds of cattle food and other bulk materials into plastic bags, without presence of air (corn silage, grass silage, various kinds of grass, brewery grain, sugar beet pulp, grinded grain, whole grain, dry and wet, suger beet for biogas plants, composting, etc.).

 budissa bag

Budissa Bag has various types of silo presses adjusted to different materials and different working conditions. Budissa bag production range consists of:

Rotor (Budissa) bagger-rotor machine with grid or anchor. It is suitable for packing all sort of materials (corn silage, grass silage, various types of grass, brewery grain, suger beet pulp, grinded grain, whole grain, dry and wet, etc.) and is their most selling product.


Advantages of this technology compared to classic methods of storing are many but here are the most important :

- low investment costs and low investment risks,
- high efficiency and reliability,
- high flexibility regarding the material which can be packed and stored,
- high flexibility regarding the location where you can do packing and storing of material (you can change location anytime and it doesn’t take any special preparations of the ground),
- possibility of stoping any time due to the bad weather conditions and continuing safely afterwards without any risks of quality demage,
- without any surface and edge losses (as it is in silo trenches) because of immediate exclusion of air,
- safe preservation of special products like suger beet pulp,
- suitable for individual farmers, big systems and contractors providing services to third parties.


Farm bagger-silo presses with bunker and auger. This is a flexible method of grain (dry and wet) packing and storing also suitable for packing of fertilizers and wet industrial by products. Main characteristics of this techology are low investment costs, short payback period compered to traditional methods of storing grain, high performance, rapid storage of great quontaties.




bagger Push bagger-silo presses with push plate for composting and storage of suger beets in bags. This system has many advantages; when we talk about storing suger beet we have low losses in biogas beets at high temperatures and we can use suger beet for biogas plant all year round. As for the composting we have low emission of odur, control of silage liquor and water saving, little or no wind dispersal of waste, control of germs in closed system, reduced space requirement, shorter period of composting.



truck bagger Grinder bagger-silo presses with roll mill for crimping dry and wet grain with up to 40% of moisture content.
Truck bagger- truck with special tunnel for direct tipping of flowable materials. This technology is for silaging of brewery grain. Brewery grain is being tipped directly into the bag, without touching the ground and immediately hermeticaly sealed. Short supply chain „brewery-truck-bag“ reduces risk of contamination with germs and immediate air exclusion minimiyes fermentation losses. Farmer has no organization or work efforts and he has flexible choice of stockyard with keeping the silage liquor in the bag.


Very important factor in the whole chain are the bags in which the feed is being packed and stored. Bags are available with the diametar from 1,50m up to 4,20m, lenght from 30m up to 150m and capacity up to 1500t. Quolity of the bags guarantees the quolity of the feed and its safe storage. Budissa bag, except for being pionir in developing the technology itself, has its own, high quolity bags which can successfully follow packing system. These bags have three leyers; they are black inside and white from the outside (green for composting). UV stabilisators guarantees safe storage of feed from 18 to 24 months.



More information on Budissa-Bag website

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