Agromaster is a manufacturer of agricultural equipment that offers a full range of soil-working, planting, harvesting, fertilizing and crop protection equipment, which are distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Their products are supplied through Atespar, Agromaster and Sakalak brands, providing equipment to meet the farmers’ demands.

From the entire product range, we would like to emphasize seed sowing equipment under the name Agromaster.

Seed sowing equipment is divided into 3 groups:

- Pneumatic seeders
- Mechanical seeders
- Seeders

- Pneumatic seeder disc type, called Planter D
- Pneumatic seeder coulter type, called Planter A

1. PLANTER D Pneumatic Planter Disc Type

The Planter D model disc type pneumatic planters for precision seeding of corn, sunflower, sugarbeet, cotton, soya and other crops is the ideal answer to the problems of modern agriculture in which maximum efficiency must be combined with minimum cost.

One of the special technical characteristics of Planter D is the all-roller movement, which offers excellent performance in any soil conditions: tilled (traditional seeding), minimum tillage, or the presence of residue from previous crops.

Planter D offers a number of advantages with respect to traditional planting machines: these include superior speed and, thanks to the dual leveling wheels, a constant planting depth which ensures that the plants emerge at exactly the same height.  

2. PLANTER A Pneumatic Planter Axe Type

The Planter A model axe type pneumatic planters for precision seeding of corn, sunflower, sugar beet, cotton, soya and the other crops on tilled soil is the result of years of experience and development by Agromaster. The pneumatic planters are easy to use, constantly reliable and highly accurate. The planter is available in a number of configurations and with different kinds of frames (fixed, telescoping) to meet the various requirements of different crops.

Planter A model planters are especially recommended for sowing on tilled soils without crop residues on the ground. The seeding furrow is made by a drill axe and the seeding depth is set by a parallelogram system between the frame and the rear wheel, which can be adjusted by a mechanical jack.
The pressure applied by the seeding unit on the ground is controlled by a spring.

These planters are designed on the principle of multi functionality, maximum efficiency and easy usage. A wide range of additional accessories such as fertilizer hoppers, different types of coulters, depending on the type of crops, different types of intermediate front and rear rollers, a device for removing stones, lumps of earth and plant residues provide a Planter versatility and allows it to adapt to any conditions.

 Equipment for pneumatic seeders:

Planters can be supplied with different versions of electronic control monitors.

- Partial and total count of worked area
- Working speed in km/h
- Hectare counter
- Row seeding control alarm
- Linear distance in m
- Sowing distance in cm

- Telescopic chassis - The planters with telescopic chassis have transport width from 3.30 m to 3.50 m depending on row spacing. The 6 and 7 row versions are available with 55 and 60 cm spacing for sunflowers and 70, 75 and 80 cm for maize.
- Mechanical gear shift for quick and easy configuration.
- Clod and lump cleaner to clear out obstacles before coulter passes.
- Ridge maker, fitted between two rows.
- Receiver for mineral fertilizers, standard volume and increased volume
- Receiver for micro fertilizer
- V shaped rear roller for pressing down and closing seed beds
- Hydraulic marker
- Star shaped trash remover
- Disc for opening gap and removing trash
- Axe type coulter for fertilizer
- Double-disc coulter for fertilizer

3. Mounted seed drills

Mounted Seed Drill ERKUL with disc and axe type sowers is designed for sowing grains, legumes and dry seeding (alfalfa, clover, timothy, rape) of grass seed. After treatment with a plow or a small amount of straw axe type sowers are more operable. For mulch sowing disc type sowers are suitable, which practically work without wear and not get clogged, even when a large number of straw.

Additional equipment:  

- Axe type sowers
- Disc type sowers
- Seed distributors for seeding small, medium and large seeds
- Hydraulic markers
- Seed rate adjustment
- Hydraulic or solenoid (optional) valves for tramline control

4. Trailed seed drills BM 

Seed Drill BM provides seed planting on prepared soil. Widely used for seeding of cereal seeds (wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc.), legumes (peas, beans, lentils, etc. ) crops, as well as seeds of other crops close to the size of seeds and seed rate to crops, along with fertilizer.

Seed Drills are produced from 12 up to 28 rows (1,70 - 4,00 m). These machines can be produced with mechanical or hydraulically lifting lever of sowing discs, with drawbar or three point linkage system for transportation, mechanical or hydraulically markers for marker control, with big or small wheels, with tractor track ripper and with our without fertilizer hopper.


By means of the helical gear, required amount of seed and fertilizer can be provided to planting feet through seed and fertilizer pipes. Seed and fertilizer are left into soil by means of the suffolk or disc coulters. Disc coulters are lifted and lowered by mechanic or hydraulic system which is equipped on the machine. Amount of seed and fertilizer arranged by means of the chain which driven by wheel of machine. Fertilizer hopper system is moved by left wheel and seed hopper system is moved by right wheel of the machine.

Seeding Rates
Required power 40-120 hp
Seeding depth 30-100 mm
Seeding rate 50-520 kg/ha
Fertilizer rate 110-340 kg/ha
Working speed 8-12 km/hour

More information on Agromaster website

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